Tori Kelly Performs "Should've Been Us" At The MTV VMA's, And She Killed It !!!!

  Tori Kelly Performs "Should've Been Us" At The MTV VMA's,
 And She Killed It !!!!
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Even if you don't know who Tori Kelly is, you're about to be one of her fans. The songstress performed "Should've Been Us," off her Unbreakable Smile album, at the MTV VMAs on Sunday, and she killed it.

The VMAs are all about flash and stunts, but Kelly proved that a simple performance can sometimes be the most effective.
Tori Kelly 

Known for her big hair and her even bigger voice, the 22-year-old has come a long way since she started uploading YouTube videos in 2006.

Today, she's working with top producers like Max Martin of Taylor Swift/"1989" fame.

 She has even been touted as a contender for the 2016 Grammy Awards.

“My performance kind of came naturally this time around because I really wanted it to be about the music first,” Tori told Reporters during VMA rehearsals.

“Of course I know the song, because I’ve been performing it for so long, but I really just wanted it to be about the song and the music, nothing too crazy stage-wise, at least with props and stuff like that. I wanted to focus on the simplicity of the music and strip it back.”