Sony Pictures Announces The Movie "Bad Boys" Release Date

Sony Pictures Announces The Movie "Bad Boys" Release Date 
Joe Carnahan 
BHR Hollywood Reports......... The Bad Boys franchise is getting a pair of sequels over at Sony Pictures more than a decade after the last installment.

On Wednesday, the studio announced its plans to revisit the action-comedy starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Bad Boys 3 is set to be released Feb. 17, 2017, followed by Bad Boys 4 on July, 3 2019.

 In June it was reported that Joe Carnahan had been hired by Sony to work on the script for Bad Boys III, and that the studio was hoping to have the film ready to possibly shoot this fall.

Martin And Will 
This plan was formulated because Will Smith will soon be finishing up his work on David Ayer's Suicide Squad, and Sony wanted to make Bad Boys III an option as his next feature.

Jerry Bruckhimer 
Because we now know that the movie is scheduled for early 2017, it's entirely possible that this is the move that Sony is moving forward with, and that at some point Will Smith agreed to be a part of the production, potentially in addition to a third sequel.

It remains to be seen if Smith and Lawrence will reprise their roles as detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, respectively.

Back in 2014, Lawrence teased the possibility of a third film, saying he'd spoken with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and it "all [looked] good" for another sequel.

The original film was released in 1995 and brought in more than $141 million at the box office. A sequel was released in 2003 that collected more than $273 million.