Fayette County Judge Allows Rapper Rick Ross To Leave State For Concerts

 Fayette County Judge Allows Rapper Rick
 Ross To Leave State For Concerts 
BHR Hollywood Reports...................Rapper Rick Ross will be allowed to travel as he faces charges for allegedly assaulted a groundskeeper.

.Rapper Rick Ross will be allowed to leave Georgia so he can attend his concerts, a Fayette County judge ruled Thursday afternoon.

“Feels real good just to go out,” Ross Reports. “Everybody that supported you, your fans. And everybody that’s been sending their love.”

Back in June, Ross and his bodyguard were arrested for allegedly assaulting his groundskeeper, by pistol whipping him in the face and breaking his jaw.
Rick Ross 

The charges for Ross include aggravated assault and kidnapping.

He’ll have restrictions though, including providing his itinerary to the district attorney’s office. He also must return home within two hours when he returns to Georgia.

But it was a win for the rapper, whose real name is William Roberts, who will be able to go on tour.

Ross was in court on charges stemming from his second of two arrests.

Nadrian James 
Ross, 39, was arrested June 24 after allegedly assaulting two service workers who threw a party in his home without the rapper’s permission.

Ross was charged with aggravated assaulted, aggravated battery and kidnapping in the June 4 incident at his sprawling 235-acre estate.

Ross and his bodyguard, Nadrian James, allegedly took two men into the guest house on the property and attacked them, according to police.

Ross allegedly beat one man in the head and face with a Glock handgun, causing extensive injuries.

The rapper bought the palatial estate formerly owned by Holyfield for $5.8 million in January 2014. The house has 109 rooms, a movie theater, an Olympic-size swimming pool and a separate 4,000-square-foot guest home.

Rick Ross In Court 

As part of his bond conditions, Ross agreed to forfeit ownership of the estate if he violated a judge’s orders.

The alleged assault was Ross’ second run-in with Fayette law enforcement in a matter of weeks.

 On June 10, he was arrested on a misdemeanor marijuana charge for five joints that police allegedly found in his car.

The founder of Maybach Music Group, Ross is perhaps best known for his 2006 single “Hustlin’.”