Fan Dies after Falling Over The Upper Desk at Tuner Field Braves Game

Fan Dies after Falling Over The Upper Desk at Tuner Field Braves Game

BHR HollyWood Reports.........Disturbing News coming from tuner field while the Braves were still playing...

A witness told Atlanta Local News 11Alive that the fan fell from section 402 behind home plate and that the teams were unaware as play continued on the field. Others said that the man fell on his head.

A local surgeon who happened to be sitting close to where the man fell rushed to his side to begin CPR.

Scene of fan Death Tape Off
"We did CPR basically until the Grady [Memorial Medical Center] paramedics came, put him in a neck collar on a board and took him away," Joseph Ricotta said.

Ricotta said he performed CPR for about 10 minutes.

"It was pretty nerve-racking," he said. "People were pretty much in shock."

The injured fan was strapped to a board and taken out of the ballpark by paramedics, though two puddles of blood remained on the floor of the section.

Alex Rodriguez 30 year old plunged about 65 feet, or six stories, from the upper deck

The fall occurred before 9 p.m.

The Atlanta Police Department is investigating the incident and told 11Alive that they are still unsure if the man fell, was pushed or jumped. They are still waiting for the medical examiners office to complete their end of the investigation.

The Atlanta Braves posted the following message to Twitter