Rapper 2 chainz Has Been Banned From Mutiple Las Vegas Night Clubs With Out Reasoning

Rapper 2 chainz Has Been Banned From Multiple Las
Vegas Night Clubs With Out Reasoning
BHR Hollywood Reports............2 Chainz just can’t seem to understand why he is rejected when he tries to gain entry at Las Vegas nightclubs.

 The “I’m Different” rapper recently took to Instagram and said that he never gets into clubs in the city and when he is turned away he never gets an explanation.

Instagram Comment 
 He vented on IG about the issue in hopes of getting some answers.

The “No Lie” rapper utilized his Instagram page to voice his frustration about constantly being turned away from clubs in Sin City with no explanation given as to why.

He said that it is his hope that taking the issue to social media will finally land him a solid answer as to who is behind the ban and why they deemed it necessary to blackball him:
2 Chainz

Every time I try to go out to a club in VEGAS they say that I’m banned ….I never get a reason ,I never have a understanding, jus NO he ain’t allowed .this my 1st time ever putting my business in streets via social media .

 But this way may receive an explanation. I don’t owe no casino .I don’t need a marker … I don’t know what the f*ck goin on …”

Besides him not being able to enter Las Vegas night clubs, rapper 2 chainz is facing a 5 million lawsuit for calling a female a "thot".