Prince Releases New Music Video Baltimore Ft. Eryn Allen Kane

Prince Releases New Music Video Baltimore Ft. Eryn Allen Kane
BHR Hollywood Reports.........."Peace is more than the absence of war," Prince sings in "Baltimore," the protest song he released following the death of Charm City citizen Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody.

Freddie Gray 
A new lyric video for the song, which the track's singer Eryn Allen Kane released, plays up people's pleas for peace as riots and unrest broke out in response to Gray's death, as well as imagery associated with the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

 The montage clip features stills from the rally, as well as quotes from newspapers about the peaceful demonstration.

Marchers walk down the street chanting slogans and holding signs, and celebrities including Beyoncé, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, and Miguel lend their support.

It’s a stirring tribute to an important protest movement.

 The video ends with an inspiring Prince quote: “The system is broken. It’s going to take the young people to fix it this time. We need new ideas, new life.”
Eryn Allen Kane

The singer performed the song for the first time at his "Rally 4 Peace," held in Baltimore less than a month after Gray's death on Mother's Day.

The rapper offered at the time, "I am honored to join Prince in his mission to inspire through the uniting power of music and be able to offer a platform where this moment can be shared globally."

 As he worked on the song in the days that followed, he requested Kane fly in to record her part.

"Please know that all involved in this project never take for granted the privileges we have in this country," the statement read.

 "Let's all continue to fight the good fight and confront inhumanity on every level until the day it is no longer."