Jennifer Hudson Has Been Pronounced The New Face Of New York & Company’s Soho Jeans collection

 Jennifer Hudson Has Been Pronounced The New
 Face Of New York & Company’s Soho Jeans collection
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Jennifer Hudson can now add the term model to her already impressive resume after being pronounced the new face of New York & Company’s Soho Jeans collection.

The 33-year-old bombshell celebrated the 'diversity' of New York City in their new marketing campaign showcasing a range of classic denims influenced by 1970s style.

The collection aims at being affordable, retailing under $70 and is also available to a wide range of body types between sizes 0 to 18, whether tall or petite.

The new collection includes will be in stores July 22. It includes high waist flare sailor jeans, boyfriend jeans and high waist jean leggings as well as a boho fringed skirt.

“What I love most about New York is the diversity. It’s a haven for individuality and I have always found that to be inspiring,” Hudson says in a statement about the new venture.
Soho Jeans Collection 

“That sort of energy affects me in all ways but especially when it comes to my style. New York & Company’s Soho Jeans Collection helps women the same way with a line that’s fashion forward, great fitting and comfortable for whatever your day brings.”

Gregory Scott, New York & Company’s CEO, added, “I have always loved Jennifer Hudson. She is a true inspiration.

Jennifer embodies the aspirations of so many women. She inspires us with her commitment to realize her dreams every day.

We felt the Soho Jeans Collection was the perfect fit for Jennifer, as it is inspired by music, reflects a cool attitude and fits her busy lifestyle.”

This Is Jennifer Hudson's First Campaign, other than Weight Watchers.