Texas Ranger Dash Cam Video Has Been Released Concerning The Arrest Of Sandra Bland

Texas Ranger Dash Cam Video Has Been
Released Concerning The Arrest Of Sandra Bland 
BHR Hollywood Reports...........Dashcam video of Sandra Bland’s arrest has been released a week after she was found dead inside a Texas jail cell.

The Texas Department of Public Safety says that dash cam video released yesterday in the arrest of Sandra Bland was not edited.

DPS released the following statement today:

"The video has not been edited. To eliminate any concerns as to the efficacy of the video DPS previously requested the FBI examine the dash cam and jail video to ensure the integrity of the video.

The entire video was uploaded to include the audio and video of the conversation the trooper had by telephone with his sergeant, which occurred after the arrest.

Some of the video that occurred during this conversation was affected in the upload and is being addressed.

We are working to repost the dash cam video."

The 52-minute video shows some glitches at the 25- and 26-minute mark after a tow truck arrives for Bland's car. There does not appear to be any audio glitches.

When the officer walked away from the car to seemingly issue her a ticket, he asks Bland if she’s okay.

Sandra Bland Being Arrested 
“I’m waiting on you. This is your job,’ Bland says.

When the officer says that Bland seems “very irritated,” she responds, “I really am,” and that she doesn’t understand why she’s getting a ticket.

“I was getting out of your way...I move over and you stopped me. So yea I am a little irritated but that doesn’t stop you from giving me a ticket,” she continues.

“Are you done?” the officer asked.

Things escalated quickly when the officer asks Bland to put out her cigarette, to which she says she
has a right to do what she wants in her car.

“Well you can step on out now,” the officer commands.

When she refused his request he is heard saying, "get out of the car! I will light you up." From there a struggle ensues as the officer attempts to pull Bland out of her vehicle.

What happened To Sandra Bland ???
Three days after Bland was arrested and taken into custody, she was found hanged in her cell.

While police officials and a medical examiner claim Bland died by suicide, her family, community members and online users believe otherwise.

State Senator Royce West said Bland should still be alive today based on his interpretation of the dashcam video.

The officer who arrested Bland is no longer on street duty, and is doing administrative work, according to Department of Public Safety.