Actress Kim Coles Ties The Knot With Reggie Mckiver

Actress Kim Coles Ties The Knot With Reggie Mckiver
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Living Single‘s Kim Coles was just fine, well, living single, when she met her now-husband Reggie Mckiver.

A former SWAT cop, he was assigned to be her security escort at a natural hair expo, and they were enjoying each other’s company.

Kim Coles In Her Wedding Dress
 But they felt something special when Mckiver (who also owns a health food store) took her hand to read her energy and ended up holding it “a little big longer than he should have.”

"[My heart] was open just enough for Reggie to come though and I’m so glad he did," Coles told reports.

Kim Coles And Reggie
"I’m 53 and Reggie is 41 but I’m not a cougar.

I can’t run that fast. I’m a meerkat or a prairie dog.

It’s about the right energy.

It wasn’t like I was trolling for younger men. It’s about energy. We’re ageless. Just two people on the same plane."

The ceremony was attended by the couple's closest friends and family, as well as a few fans who showed up after Coles announced the news at a comedy show.