The Mother Of NBA Star Charley Barkely Has Died At The age of 73 Due To Kidney Failure

 Mother Of NBA Star Charley Barkley Has Died At
The age of 73 Due To Kidney Failure
BHR Hollywood Reports.........The mother of NBA great Charles Barkley, Charcey Glenn, passed away this weekend, at her home in Alabama.

Charles Barkely 
Glenn, who raised Charles along with her mother Johnnie Mae Edwards, had been suffering from kidney failure.

Glenn died late Friday morning at her home in Leeds surrounded by family and close friends.

Glenn was known throughout her community as a leader in civic causes, from the Historical Society to being on the Board of Directors of the Leeds Water Works.

Charles And His Mom 
Glenn was fiercely protective of her son throughout his basketball career and his career as a broadcaster.

A funeral has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 27 at First Baptist Church of Leeds.

 Barkley grew up in Leeds before going on to play basketball at Auburn University and then the NBA.

 He’s a member of the Hall of Fame and co-hosts TNT’s popular “Inside the NBA” show.

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