Robin Thicke Is Back With New Music "Morning Sun"

Robin Thicke Is Back With New Music "Morning Sun"
BHR Hollywood Reports........Has Robin Thicke found “the one?”

Robine Thicke 
 Fresh off his tribute to Smokey Robinson at Sunday’s BET Awards, the soul man returns with his new single “Morning Sun.”

Thicke, who finalized his divorce from ex-wife Paula Patton in March, serenades a special lady on the breezy tune.

“Morning Sun” is the confirmed lead single from the blue-eyed singer’s forthcoming eighth studio album of his career that is expected to come out later this year via Insterscope Records – yep, he
Robin Thicke And Ex Wife
Paula Patton 
didn’t get fired from this label despite the disaster that was “Paula” last year.

He is one luck fella.

As predicted from the leaked snippet a few days ago, “Morning Sun” is a feel-good soul/pop song where Robin serenades his lady with beautiful words about how amazing she is and how happy she makes her.

The production is super groovy as you can imagine and very in line to the sound he had in

“The Evolution of Robin Thicke” – someone trying to get back his roots?  However, “Morning Sun” is undoubtedly a step up from everything in “Paula”.

He is working on his first album since last year’s Paula and can also be heard on Flo Rida’s single “I Don’t Like It, I Love It.”

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