Rapper Diddy Falls During Performance At The BET Awards;Celebrating The 20th Anniversary Of "Bad Boy Records"

Rapper Diddy Falls During Performance At The BET
Awards That Was Celebrating "Bad Boy Records"
BHR Hollywood Reports.........Rapper Diddy fell during an exciting performance at the BET awards in Los Angeles on Sunday that celebrated Bad Boy Records’ 20th year anniversary.

Diddy And Lil Kim
The hip hop star briefly dropped out of sight as he walked towards the back of the stage, dropping into a hole that was used by Lil’ Kim to make her entrance.

 He soon recovers, with fans offering a helping hand.

The mishap happened as Lil’ Kim, Mase, Faith Evans, 112 and the Lox joined Diddy to perform a medley of past hits.

A video montage of rap king Notorious BIG played in the background as his verse from Mo Money Mo Problems played.

Diddy And Faith Evans 
Anderson sported a suit similar to Smith's taste and rocked a wig that mirrored the British singer's hairstyle.

"Sam Smith isn't here tonight because he's white and he didn't think he would win at the BET Awards," Anderson said as the audience at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles burst into laughter.

Anderson Dressed As Sam Smith 
"He didn't think he could win. But we showed him that we love him, too."

"This award is going to stay with me for you not showing up to BET," Anderson sang, referencing Smith's ubiquitous hit, "Stay With Me."

The show Sunday brought a mix of funny and serious moments.

 Rapping on top of a police car with a large American flag waving behind him, hip-hop prince Kendrick Lamar kicked off the BET Awards with a dose of seriousness, but also brought a fiery energy thanks to his charisma and his song's beat.

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