Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jan Adams Blames Kanye West And Stephan Scoggins (kanye's Cousin) For Kanye's Mother Passing

Dr. Jan Adams Blames Kanye West And Stephan Scoggins
 (kanye's Cousin) For Kanye's Mother Passing 
BHR Hollywood Reports........After about eight years of taking the blame for Donda West's death, the doctor who was behind her intense plastic surgery operation is hoping Kanye West will tell the truth about the entire incident.

Dr. Jan Adams is now claiming 'Ye's cousin is to blame for his mother's passing.

 Dr. Jan Adams said he believes he was scapegoated after Donda's operation in November 2007 where she received liposuction, tummy-tuck and breast-reduction surgery.

He believes the blame should be placed on Kanye's cousin, Stephan Scoggins, who didn't follow proper post-surgery protocol.

"It baffles me when nobody wants to know the truth.
Stephan Scoggins

I think [Kanye] should stand up and tell the truth, and the truth will set you free," Adams said. "I think the truth needs to be out there.

 If he had any b-lls or if he was any kind of man he could [speak up]. But the real answer is he probably won't."

Adams went on to reveal Stephan never followed through to install patient monitors in Donda's bedroom after her intensive surgery and he left her under the care of untrained friends.

Dr. Adams also claims that when the registered nurse left Donda in the care of his pals, he went to a baby shower and ignored phone calls about her care.

The doctor said in addition to all of that, Donda took as many as 20 Vicodins in less than 24 hours, causing her to vomit and then choke because she was playing flat on her back.
Donda And Kanye West

Adams claimed the family allowed Scoggins, a registered nurse with a Ph.D. in public health, to take over Donda's post-surgery care, despite his recommendation of a private recovery center.

 Adams believes Scoogins failed to properly care for Donda, even leaving her with untrained friends just one day after surgery in order to attend a baby shower.

A coroner's report found that both vomiting and "medication use for pain" were both contributing factors, but was unable to determine the exact "manner of death." The coroner never faulted Adams.

"It's a complete tragedy," Adams said.

 "Don't get me wrong, it makes me sick. She was a nice person. I do feel sad about what happened. [...] It didn't need to happen, that’s why it’s sad. She should still be alive."

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