Actress Brandy Reveals That She Is Dealing With A Depression Disorder

BHR Hollywood Reports.......Brandy is getting candid and opening up and giving us an inside look into how she overcame depression and how her Broadway role in the musical “Chicago” has helped change her life.

In an interview with, the “I Wanna Be Down” singer opens up about her battle with depression and how after so many career letdowns, she started to lose her faith in God.

She reveals a year before she nabbed her Broadway role, she had hit rock bottom and was down and out.

Actress Brandy
 Rather than wallow in her sorrows, the mother-of-one reached out for help and did the “work” to awaken her spirit and to start dreaming again.

And we’re SO glad she did because she is killing it on Broadway!

She talks about how her Broadway experience.

although it’s challenging to get on that stage night after night, she said, “This experience has truly reawakened the fearless Brandy that I once was as a child.”

She also dish’s about.

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