After Hearing Retailers Will Be Removing Confederate Flag Merchandise....Sales For The Flag Have Skyrocketed !!!!!!

BHR Hollywood Reports..........After calls were made for southern states to remove the Confederate flag from their statehouses, sales for the flag have skyrocketed.
Confederate Flag 

On Amazon, sales spiked 2,300 percent after shopping giants Sears, eBay and Walmart announced that they would remove all Confederate flags from their stores and ban future sales. 

Amazon, obviously did not join in on that move.

The flag and its racist implications has been under scrutiny after Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof indicated that he murdered nine African Americans inside a historic Black church because of ideologies tied to white supremacy. 
Dylann Roof 

The Confederate flag, which is a symbol of pro-slavery, was worn by Roof in photographs posted on his website.

As many as 30,000 unique Confederate flag-related items are currently sold by hundreds of independent retailers on Amazon, with many offering free shipping.

“Are supporters stockpiling?

 It's hard to say, but it's abundantly clear that Amazon is profiteering off this hateful symbol and many Americans are preparing to have their own flags in case it's taken down in their home states,” writes.

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