NeNe Leaks Estranged Sister Kenya Sherman Claims NeNe Leakes Turned Her Back On Her On Her Mother

Kenya Sherman Claims NeNe
Leakes Turned Her Back On Her On Her Mother 
BHR Hollywood Reports......Fans of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" were surprised when the usually tough-as-nails NeNe Leakes had a breakdown during the show's season 7 reunion.

It can be recalled that when Dr. Jeff appeared on the show, he advised NeNe to find out how she and the other women can get along better.

Kenya Sherman
NeNe said that she has a serious fear of rejection due to her parents abandoning her.

But Kenya Sherman, Leakes' estranged sister, is calling foul. In a series of tweets and retweets during the show's broadcast, Sherman gave her two cents on the situation.

Kenya's Responce
"Dr Jeff she turn [sic] her back on her mom so these others don't mean SH-T OK!!" she wrote in one tweet. The remark was in reference to Leakes' claim that her mother didn't raise her.

Sherman went on to retweet Twitter users who said Leakes was "playing victim" and trying to "steal the show."

Interestingly enough, there have been suspicions about Leakes' breakdown elsewhere on the web.

 An alleged celebrity bodyguard who was at the reunion taping told "The Real Mr. Housewife" that Leakes "scripted this with her 'fake for TV Dr'" as a way to leave the show for other opportunities.