Rapper Jay Z Gets Criticized By Denver's Water Supplier For Saying Water Was Free

Rapper Jay Z Gets Criticized By Denver's Water
 Supplier For Saying Water Was Free 
BHR Hollywood Reports........Denver’s water supplier criticized Jay Z in an open letter this week for under-appreciating the value of water.

Steve Snyder, of Denver Water, an organization the supplies some 1.3 million people and around Denver, wrote on his organization’s website.

“All the money in the world can’t help when water becomes scarce.”
Denvers Water Supplier

Snyder pointed to the drought in California as an example of the importance of water.
Jay Z

We get it Jay: you probably haven’t seen a water bill in the last decade but come on.

we got to do better!

 What do you think of Snyder’s response to Jay Z’s not so smart statement?

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Jay Z has not responded yet.

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