Actor And Television Personality "Flavor Flav" Gets Arrested For DUI And Possession To Marijuana

"Flavor Flav" Gets Arrested For DUI And Possession To Marijuana 
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Flavor Flav was arrested early Thursday morning in Las Vegas by highway patrol and got nailed for so many alleged crimes

Flavor Flav
The 56-year-old was hit with a DUI, possession of marijuana, open container, speeding, lack of legitimate registration, and driving with a suspended license.

According to Nevada Highway
Patrol, this all began when cops spotted Flav at 12:30 AM 2005 black BMW and going 73mph in a 45mph zone.

Flav was busted for speeding last year in NY on the way to his mother's funeral. When cops ran his license, they found it was suspended 16 times.

He swore to a judge he fixed the problem, but that doesn't appear to be the case.