Wendy Williams Says That Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown Ex) Is A "THOT" Who Is Just After Money

Wendy Williams Says That Karrueche Tran
(Chris Brown Ex) Is A "THOT" Who Is Just After Money
BHR Hollywood Reports......The tumultuous relationship between singer Chris Brown and his now ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran continues to take over the news cycles and television host Wendy Williams is weighing in on the couple's public break up.

Brown's ex-girlfriend recently sat down with OWN's Lyanla Vanzant to dish about the singer and the recent shocking news that he's fathering a child that he had with a former close friend of his and she's
Lyanla Vanzant And
Karrueche Tran
opening up and telling her side of the story.

 Brown is the father of a 9-month-old baby girl. The baby's mother is a 31-year-old named Nia who Brown apparently has known for many years.

Nia And Her Baby Girl
During the show, the daytime talk show host said that she had no interest in watching OWN's segment with Tran because she believes that the model was only with Brown because of his fame and his money.

When Tran sat down with Vanzant and claimed that she fell in love with Brown because of his
personality but Williams says that the probably isn't so true.

"She was with Chris because she's a 'thot' who's after the dollar!," she said on her show.

The talk show host dissed the model saying that she was on the come-up and said that she needs to start working on herself because being cute only lasts so long.

Rumors on the Internet claim that Williams is firing back at Tran because she denied the show's invitation for an interview.