The Court Has Lowered Suge Knights Bail To 10 Million

The Court Has Lowered Suge Knights Bail To 10 Million 
BHR Hollywood Reports......The judge in Suge Knight’s murder case lowered bail from $25 million to a more feasible $10 million on Thursday.

 Knight’s lawyer, Matthew Fletcher, told Reports that his client can now make bail as early as today.

Mathew Fletcher
 The judge also dropped one of the hit-and-run charges against Knight, though all the murder or attempted-murder counts still stand. Knight is still expected to stand trial.

Knight will now stand trial for one count of murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of hit-and-run.

 The additional hit-and-run charge was dropped because California law only allows one count of the charge against a defendant if he was using the same weapon; in this case it was Knight’s car that struck his two victims.

Suge Knight 
  In closing arguments Knight’s attorney maintained that Cle Sloan was the aggressor and that Suge was only protecting himself during the now infamous altercation.

However prosecutors disagree and stated that the situation was mutual combat and that Knight used his car as a weapon.

In addition,  Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Barnes stated that   if Knight “ever had the right of self-defense, the moment he backed-up and Mr. Sloan was ran-over, he lost the right of self-defense…There was pre-mediation and intent when he (Knight) ran over him a second time.”

Knight’s next big day in court will be on April 30, 2015 when he will face arraignment.