Dame Dash Was Accused By His Ex-Wife Rachel Roy Of Kidnapping His Own Children

Dame Dash Was Accused By His Ex-Wife
 Rachel Roy Of Kidnapping His Own Children
BHR Hollywood Reports........Roy called the cops on Dash after learning that their children, daughters Ava and Talullah, had been picked up from school by the serial entrepreneur.
Rachel Roy

 Dash took to Instagram to capture his interaction with the police that answered the call and aired out his grievances in a series of posts.

Roy has been trying to revoke Dash’s visitation privileges for the past few months claiming he is an unfit father, he still gets high all the time around the kids (in the house) and she’s reportedly alleging Dash is a drug addict with a history of domestic violence.

Dame Dash
This news is all according to court documents.

Dash believes Roy is using their children as a pawn in order to get the upper hand and make some type of power move on him. Even though Dash went on “The Breakfast Club” and claimed, “Real men don’t listen to social media,” he has been on social media keeping us very informed.

Check out a few of his IG and tweets.

The kidnapping accusation is part of a larger custody battle between the former couple in which Roy claims that Dash is an unfit parent due to his drug use and history of domestic violence.