Rapper Lil Kim Ex Boyfriend Damion Hardy Goes To Trial For Murder

Rapper Lil Kim Ex Boyfriend Damion Hardy Goes To Trial For Murder
BHR Hollywood Reports.......After being imprisoned for a decade after his indictment, Lil’ Kim’s ex-boyfriend Damion “World” Hardy is standing trial for allegedly committing six murders and other violent crimes.

Hardy is accused of ordering executions from 1998 to 2003, including the killing of Mike Tyson’s then bodyguard.

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  He is suspected to have been the leader and founder of the ruthless Cash Money Brothers gang that dominated the Lafayette Gardens Housing Projects in Brooklyn, NY. Hardy’s fate is in the hands of the prosecutor’s witnesses who have been cooperating with the case. Hardy will not get the death penalty if convicted.

One of Hardy’s alleged former hit men testified that Hardy would enlist him to target rappers to be robbed at industry parties.

Lil Kim And Damion Hardy
“World would tell me where there was going to be industry parties and I would gather some guys and we would rob the rappers,” Allen “Boo” Bryant said in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Bryant also alleged that Hardy would send out his men to pressure New York City DJs to play Lil’ Kim’s records on the radio. No evidence associating Kim with these crimes has been presented.
Prosecutors claim that since 2006 Hardy has been a menace behind bars doing everything from attacking guards to stabbing an inmate and filling a tube of toothpaste with urine and feces.

 For the last few years Hardy has been locked away in a Missouri hospital where he has been forcibly medicated with anti-psychotic drugs in attempts to make him mentally competent to stand trial.

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