Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Joseline Hernandez States Love & Hip-Hop Is Fake
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Joseline
 Hernandez States Love & Hip-Hop Is Fake
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Joseline Hernandez is no stranger to drama and trouble, but last year all of her antics caught up to her when she was sued by her former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast mate Althea Heart for attacking her at last year’s reunion show.
Joseline Hernandez
And while recently defending herself in the case, Hernandez took aim at the show itself and claimed that it’s fake.

“Well, with reality TV it’s mostly … it’s called reality, but it’s a lot of acting in the reality world.

I say that because it’s a lot of the girls on the show, they act,” Hernandez claimed.

“It’s a lot of acting in the reality TV show, whether it’s ‘Love & Hip Hop’ or another show.”

Hernandez was then asked if she gave a true representation of herself during the show or if she was just acting as well.
Love & Hip-Hop Cast

“The reality TV show showcases a lot of who we are not and I say that because it’s just, like, you never know what happens in a reality TV [show].

 They’ll showcase your music, they’ll showcase certain things, but that’s not who Joseline Hernandez is,” she explained.

Granted, her claims about the franchise could’ve been much worse, but, as many fans have suspected for years, it seems from Hernandez’s claims that the stories you see on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and several other reality TV shows are orchestrated by writers and producers.

But if Hernandez really is acting, she’s definitely sacrificing a lot of her dignity and money to play the role of VH1’s most infamous bad girl.