Formal RHOA Star Demetria Mckinney Has Been Kicked Off The Show

Demetria Mckeinney was told by Bavo producers 
Her Service was no longer needed
BHR Hollywood Reports......“Real Housewives of Atlanta.” It appears the reunion show will go without her.

 The news doesn't come as huge surprise. She rarely was on the screen and when was it centered on her relationship with Roger Bobb.

Demetria lost her Georgia peach and was uninvited to the reunion show. According to the report, “RHOA” producers reached out to McKinney and told her services were no longer needed.
She was fired.

Demetria Mckeinney
Apparently, all housewives are given a one season contract to try them out for the show. They get a bonus if they are asked to attend the reunion show.

 Demetria missed out on her reunion show bonus, and as an added bonus- she was fired. She lost big on the reunion show check. All the other housewives were invited to the reunion show.

Demetria didn’t seem too bothered by the firing. She said that she wanted to focus on positive things and advancing her career instead of the negativity and fighting on the show.

She claims that before the reunion show was scheduled, she had booked a gig that day

 She tweeted that she supported ‘her girls’ from a distance.