Love And Hip Hop Star Yandy Gets Into Social Media Feud With Mendeecees Ex-Assistant (Remy)
Yandy Gets Into Social Media Feud With Ex-Assistant (Remy) 
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Next time Mendeecees Harris will think twice before hiring a woman without his fiancée's approval because Yandy Smith is not with it.
Yandy's Comment On Social Media
Earlier this week on “Love & Hip Hop,” viewers witnessed Yandy Smith and her fiancée Mendeecees Harris have separate conversations with his assistant, Remy, over her inappropriate and unprofessional behavior. In case you missed it,   
Remy's Comment On Social Media
Mendeecees took issue with Remy being a bit too touchy feely with him after she attempted to lock arms as they were leaving a venue.

Yandy, on the other hand, sat Remy down to address her inappropriate work attire and social media postings relating to her boss.
Remy And Mendeecees
The drama eventually spilled over onto social media when Remy took to Instagram to defend herself.

To catch you up to speed, Mendeecees apparently hired Remy to work for him after returning homefrom prison so that his fiancée wouldn’t have to be burdened with every single aspect of his business affairs.

According to Yandy, Remy secured her job with Harris by sending him a direct message on social media, lying and telling him that she worked for Yandy before.

From there, things went left.

It appears as if Remy is no longer working with Harris due to all the drama.