Daughter Of Eric Garner Claims That Rev.Al Sharpton Is "All About The Money"

Daughter Of Eric Garner Claims That
 Rev.Al Sharpton Is "All About The Money"
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Al Sharpton’s character is yet again being called into question after an undercover video revealed Eric Garner’s oldest daughter thinks the civil rights leader is all about the money.

Conservative group caught up with Erica Snipes, as an investigator posed as an Eric Garner supporter secretly recorded a conversation with Snipes at a protest in Staten Island last month.

Erica Garner
Eric Garner, 43, died of a chokehold by a NYPD officer back in the summer of 2014. His death became of the leading cases that pushed the “Black Lives Matter” movement around the country in protest of police brutality
against people of color.

Sharpton, 60, has been at the forefront of the Garner case; speaking on behalf of his family at press conferences and even paying for his funeral through his organization, National Action Network (NAN).

Snipes, however, seemed to have criticisms of Sharpton’s visibility.

Eric Garner
After being asked if she thought Sharpton was a “crook,” Erica replied, “He’s about this,” rubbing her fingers together--a gesture commonly used to describe money.

Snipes, 24, also complained that the Staten Island director of NAN, Cynthia Davis, scolded her for handing out street fliers about her father’s case that did not include NAN’s logo, reports the New York Post.

“She started attacking me. ‘Oh, I see that you got this flier out, how come you didn’t add the logo?’ ’’ Snipes said, which was caught on video.

Instead of me, he wants his face in front,” Snipes said, referring to Sharpton.
Cynthia Davis (left) And
Mother Of Eric Garner(Right)

“Al Sharpton paid for the funeral. She’s trying to make me feel like I owe them,” she added.

But in an interview with The Post after the video leaked, Snipes has since denied that she said Sharpton was money-hungry.

“No, I didn’t say that I think Al Sharpton is all about the money,” she said.

(National Action Network)
She did, however, stand behind her criticism of Davis, who she claimed tried to block her from attending a protest in Staten Island against mass incarceration.

The Rev. Sharpton has clapped back at Project Viera, owned by conservative activist James O’Keefe, accusing them of “exploiting” Snipes.

“They’re splicing and dicing stuff together. It was a distortion. Erica is a sincere victim. She was not trying to infer anything with me,” Sharpton said of the secret recording.

Sharpton also defended the integrity of he and his organization, adding that he does not get paid by families to support them.

Critics, however, argue that Sharpton cashes out by paying for the funerals of slain victims of police brutality and gun violence because it allows him to speak on larger stages that include television and radio.