Love & Hip Hop Of Atlanta Star Stevie J Has Plead "Not Guilty" For Failing To Pay Child Support
 Stevie J Has Plead "Not Guilty" For Failing To Pay Child Support
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Stevie J has been facing a mountain of crushing legal drama since last year when he was charged with failing to pay more than $1 million in child support for two of his children from a previous relationship.
Stevie J And Kids
Now, Stevie has finally been able to speak to a judge and he pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Stevie appeared in a Manhattan Court on Tuesday, where a judge openly questioned why the case was even being heard in New York.  
Stevie J
“I guess he needs to get all the information about the dismissal of it in state court because he was saying ‘why is this case even in federal court?

’ This was dismissed in state court May 22,” Stevie explained.

Stevie went on to explain that he hopes the case will quickly be dismissed.

“In my opinion, God willing, they just throw this out of here because it’s lack of jurisdiction.

 She doesn’t live in New York, never lived in New York.

 I don’t live in New York,” Stevie said.