Love & Hip-Hop Star Erica Mena Argues With A Cleveland Promoter About Money
Love & Hip-Hop Star Erica Mena Argues
With A Cleveland Promoter About Money  
BHR Hollywood Reports.........A video has surfaced of the “Love and Hip Hop” reality star arguing with a Cleveland promoter named Traci while the police tried to figure out what was going on.

 Mena and Traci’s sides are very
different, but the one thing both admit is Mena did not go into the party where she was scheduled to make an appearance.
Erica Mena
Mena’s version is that she didn’t get paid all of her money so she didn’t fulfill her obligation.

 The promoter’s version is that Mena was paid, but since she breached the contract she needed to vacate the hotel room they’d paid her for.

The promoter paid for Mena’s flight, hair, makeup, three hotel rooms and an appearance fee.

The promoter claims Mena was contracted to be at the club from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. She allegedly texted the promoter from outside that she wasn’t coming in unless paid an additional $275.
Love & Hip-Hop Star Erica Mena 
 She was allegedly given the money. She then demanded another $1,000. When she was given an additional $1,000 in cash, the driver allegedly punched the gas and sped off.

Since Traci paid for the driver, he got a hold of the driver who allegedly said s/he was instructed by Mena to "take her to the hood" so she could buy drugs.

When Traci arrived back at the hotel to have her removed from the room, there were claims that Mena was saying, "I don't like working with these Black monkeys. I don't usually do business with these Black monkeys."

The promoter says she took the hotel staff’s word with a grain of salt because she thought they may be trying to stir up drama. However, Traci says once Mena arrived she started using racial slurs directly toward them.

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