Bobbi Kristina And Nick Gordon Marriage Was A Fraud... They Were Never Married
Bobbi Kristina And Nick Gordon Marriage Was A Fraud...
 They Were Never Married
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon have been plastered all over the tabloids ever since Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in her bathtub this past weekend.

Since then, rumors have been flying about the state of the couple’s marriage, and now it’s been revealed that the young couple, who claimed to have tied the knot last year, were never legally married.
Bobbi Kristina And Nick Gordon
Bobby Brown’s lawyer made the shocking revelation, saying “Bobbi Kristina is not and has never been married to Nick Gordon.”

When the couple first claimed last year that they were married, Brown was shocked y the news and claimed that the marriage story was probably false.

And it appears that he’s not the only one who doubted the marriage.

 The Houston family reportedly knew it was fake as well.
Bobbi Kristina
Previous reports have claimed that the Houston family was fighting with Gordon over an alleged $20 million inheritance if Bobbi Kristina died from her near-drowning incident.

 However, since the couple was never legally married, the Houston family claims that Gordon wouldn’t receive a dime if Bobbi Kristina died.

Well, this family drama just becomes more complicated and tragic by the day, but thankfully the silver lining is that Bobbi Kristina is slowly making a recovery.