The Los Angeles Lakers Coach And His Wife ( Anita Scott) Is Going Through A Divorce
The Los Angeles Lakers Coach And His
 Wife( Anita Scott)Is Going Through A Divorce 
BHR Holywood Reports........The Los Angeles Lakers coach and his wife Anita Scott are currently going through a divorce after 29 years of marriage.

 The split reportedly occurred right before Byron signed a $17 million contract with the team and Anita wants a piece of the pie.

She's asked a judge to order Bryon to keep up her lifestyle that included multiple h
The Los Angeles Lakers coach
omes, shopping sprees and vacations around the world.

She also dropped a lot of dough when it came to her hair. She reportedly spent at least $600 every six weeks on hair maintenance.

On top of going to great lengths financially for her locks, she also spent $500 a month on mani-pedis, massages, and another $400 per month on facials and “other personal maintenance.

” Can’t forget about the getaways! She would like to continue to go on trips to the Bahamas.
The Lakers
When the
y were married they went once a year and flew first class, also covering the costs incurred from inviting other family members.

I would say that all of that sounds like a lot to expect from someone once a marriage is over, but then again, Scott signed a contract for $17 million to be the Lakers head coach just this past July….so he probably has it. Still, $600 for hair every six weeks?

 My hair better stay on point for all six weeks for that kind of money.