Michigan police officer Cuts off Detained Woman's Weave, Officer was Fired and Reinstated

Michigan police officer Cuts Out Detained Woman's
Weave, Officer was Fired and Reinstated 
BHR HollyWood Reports.........This is one thing you don't do put your hands in a black woman hair unless she give you clearance too and here while being detained for suspicion of vandalism, she was also pepper sprayed for allegedly attempting to kick out the window of a patrol car after being taken into custody.
Michigan police officer and Gregory
being taken into custody

Surveillance video from inside the Warren Police Department shows Gregory, who is visibly intoxicated or under the influence, was strapped to a chair. Then Officer Bernadette Najor yanked Gregory’s head back and spent three minutes cutting out the 22-year-old’s weave.

Najor claims she removed the 6-foot-long sew-in because it could have been used as an instrument to harm herself or damage property in the jail. She added that Najor mentioned wanting to attempt suicide.

Michigan police officer Cuts Out Detained Woman's Weave
Police Commissioner Jere Green said Officer Najor’s used unnecessary excessive force and that he was “embarrassed and disturbed” by the incident and that Najor’s handling of Gregory was “demeaning.” He added that Gregory did not resist the commands of officers in the video, which does not have audio. Green later fired Najor a month after the incident.

Almost a year later, however, an arbitrator ruled the 10-year veteran on the force be reinstated with full back pay, fringe benefits and seniority after The Warren Police Officers Association challenged Najor’s firing.

In ruling that there was insufficient credible evidence to support the departmental charges against Najor, arbitrator Nora Lynch said the investigation was not fair or objective.
Officer was Fired and Reinstated 
Though Gregory was charged with resisting and obstructing police, the prosecutor’s office declined to file any charges for those actions. She was however charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly ripping a television from the wall of the hotel. Her attorney said she had a couple of drinks and woke up disoriented, unaware of how she got there.

The Warren City Attorney’s Office initiated a settlement in which Gregory was paid $75,000 and the charge of malicious destruction of property against her was dropped. As part of the agreement, the owner of  the motel was reimbursed $1,386 by Warren for the damage Gregory was accused of causing.

Warren agreed to pay $75,000 to Gregory and to forever release the city, Najor, all other police officers, other city employees and elected officials from any potential claims she may have had. Those include any potential claims for injuries, violation of constitutional and civil rights, wrongful imprisonment, use of excessive force or other police misconduct.