R&B Singer Keyshia Cole Family Isn't Happy About Her New T.V. Reality Show

R&B Singer Keyshia Cole Family
Isn't Happy About Her New T.V. Reality Show
BHR Hollywood Reports..........The singer's new BET docu-series "Keyshia Cole: All In" will focus on the issues in her professional and personal life, including the ongoing struggles between her biological and adoptive families.

Keyshia Cole
 By the looks of social media, a cousin on Cole's adoptive side is upset with how the show continues to reward the bad behavior of her biological family.

Cole posted her cousin's concerns to her Instagram page (see below) and responded by saying:
"#TheMessageAbove #FromACousinOnAdoptiveSide!

For a very long time I thought it was a blessing to have my biological/Adopted family intertwine.

 But I always seem to get all the hate from both sides, one person always doesn't like another! Because I'm closer to Quita, Neffe/Others on biological side get upset.

 Because I decided to do a show that brought everything to the forefront! Quita and other family members are upset!

Keyshia Cole And Family
 This show was just a TEASER!!!! Quita is most definitely apart of this show!!! BUT THE WORLD TOOK TO MY MOTHER FRANKIE!!!

AND TO MY SISTER NEFFE!!! And honestly, I'm happy they have! The network has also allowed me to e
xecutive produce, along side James/Manny to get to the root of the problems that my mother and my sister are facing!

 And my mother Yvonne feels, how come the world or the Network doesn't want to see more of them! When she raised me the right way! And that breaks my heart!

 But I'm thankful for this opportunity! Ultimately My focus is to change lives! NOT JUST BE ON TV AS A VESSAL TO DRIVE MY CAREER!!!

 And I say all that to say this! #StopTheHate!! #LoveBothSides"