Beverly Johnson's Ex Husband Sues CNN For Defaming Him
Beverly Johnson's Ex Husband Sues CNN  For Defaming Him
BHR Hollywood Reports......An ex-boyfriend of Bill Cosby accuser Beverly Johnson is suing CNN for allegedly defaming him by talking crap about him to.

As you may recall, Johnson was called on by CNN to discuss the accusations she revealed in a Vanity Fair piece back in December.
Mark Burk

 In order to balance the story, Cosby's lawyer Martin Singer asked the network to speak with Johnson's ex-boyfriend Mark Burk
who lived with the model for four years and never once heard of the drugging allegation. He claims Johnson had nothing but positive sentiments toward the 77-year-old comedian.
Beverly Johnson
CNN ultimately went against including Burk in their reporting, citing his criminal history and unreliable statements. The network allegedly made their letter detailing Burk's past public, and he's none too happy.

 Burk is suing the network for $19 million for allegedly giving the letter to TMZ for publishing. He believes the story attacked his credibility and damaged his reputation.

"CNN is not a tabloid periodical 'picking on the little guy.' CNN is a giant that has absolutely ruined the reputation of one man," reads the lawsuit.

The network has yet to respond to the lawsuit.