Rapper 2 Chainz And Nancy Grace Argues On HLN About The Use marijuana

Rapper 2 Chainz And Nancy Grace Argues
On  HLN About The Use marijuana
BHR Hollywood Reports.........In an interview with rapper 2 Chainz, Nancy Grace praises him for being intelligent and graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA with her right hand.

2 Chainz
 She turns around and backhands him with her left hand for his rap persona, which depicts him as a misogynistic, marijuana smoker.

 “While you may be able to get high and get away from that, other people don’t have the advantages that you have,” she admonishes him.

You have to see him for yourself as he maintains his composure and does not mince his words.

 He support the legalization efforts saying it would be less of a burden on taxpayers and the criminal justice system.

He even highlighted a personal experience with his tour bus and the cops who smelled marijuana reeking through the door and windows.

Nancy Grace
“It is unfortunate that Nancy Grace is content to continue her groundless fear-mongering campaign against the responsible regulation of marijuana,” Erik Altieri, communications director for marijuana-legalization nonprofit NORML, told The Daily Beast in a statement.

 “With her outrageous claims that marijuana legalization in Colorado would set off a statewide crime wave proven false by the fact crime was down across the board in the state in 2014, it seems she is willing to keep tilting at windmills for the sake of ratings rather than simply admit she was wrong.

One has to wonder, when it comes to Nancy Grace and her outlandish remarks, is reefer madness to blame?”