RHOA Star Claudia Jordan Shares Information About Beef With NeNe Leakes And Her Past Of Sexual Abuse

RHOA Star Claudia Jordan  Shares Information
About Beef With NeNe Leakes And Her Past Of Sexual Abuse
BHR Hollywood Reports..........Claudia Jordan has one of the biggest “Real Housewives of Atlanta” beefs thanks to her infamous argument with NeNe Leakes in Puerto Rico.

 Since then, Jordan has continued to blast Leakes for her bad behavior, but now she’s explaining why she was so offended by the “RHOA” vet.

Claudia Jordan
Jordan opened up about her beef with Leakes in her latest “RHOA” blog and takes jabs at her as she explains that Leakes always discredits other women’s careers.

“I guess I should address the argument with Linnethia (Is that how you spell it?

 One day I will get it right!).

 I think I showed maturity when I congratulated her on her newest gig, but I felt I’d take that time to also make the point that she is not the only one working.

Oftentimes that is her narrative: ‘I’m the only one that will be left standing. I’m the Queen! I’m the only original! I’m rich! They are not on my level!

Claudia Jordan At The BET Awards
’ I mean it’s exhausting to constantly hear these things, but even more laughable that it’s being said to a group of women — the majority of this group has been working on their own long before the phenomenon of reality television.

 I know I’m dating myself, but I’ve been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 1994.

 I just don’t think people that are used to working feel the need to constantly tell everyo
ne that they work.

We’re all adult women, aren’t we supposed to be working?” Jordan said.

Jordan also addresses Leakes’ apology to her and says it wasn’t genuine enough for her to accept it.

“Some may think I’m a pit bull or that I was wrong for not accepting Nene’s weak apology.

NeNe Leakes 
Well I don’t know how these ladies do it, but where I’m from apologies for bad actions usually come with an explanation so there is an understanding as to why it happened in the first place.

That was my entire point for pressing NeNe.

I wanted to know why that was the go-to thing to attack me with — my integrity as a woman,” Jordan said.

Jordan then revealed that part of the reason she didn’t accept Leakes’ apology was because her claims that Jordan is a “w—-” brought up painful memories of her past sexual abuse.