Formal En Vogue's Member Maxine Jones Set To Lose Home To Foreclose
Formal En Vogue's Member
Maxine Jones Set To Lose Home To Foreclose 
BHR Hollywood Reports.............On December 22, the bank filed documents, explaining that Jones took out a $215,000 loan with them back in 2006 to purchase her Palmyra, Virgina property.

They claim that she owes a total of $208,025.13, and that amount continues to grow with interest.
Maxine Jones
Jones filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on December 18, 2014 in a Virginia federal court, claiming that she is $298,900 in debt, but only has roughly $172,000 in assets.

Her debts include $212,000 on her Virginia home, a $32,000 judgement against her won by a private school, $2,000 in unpaid taxes to the state of Virginia, $800 in unpaid telephone bills, $17,000 in unpaid attorney's bills, over $1,000 in medical bills, $22,000 in unpaid taxes owed to the state of California, $440 to T-Mobile, and $539 to Victoria’s Secret.
Terry Ellis and Cindy Heron
Despite filing for bankruptcy, Jones was to continue making her mortgage payment of $2,052 a month. She reportedly failed to make payments in October and November.

The decision to move forward with the foreclosure came on January 13, three days before Jones’ birthday (January 16).

Jones, who is best known as a founding member of En Vogue, left the group in 2011.

She was later sued by her former bandmates Terry Ellis and Cindy Heron, and stripped of using the group’s name for business.

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