Boxer Floyd Mayweather Lost $15 Million In A Money Scam

Boxer Floyd Mayweather Lost $15 Million In A Money Scam
BHR Hollywood Reports......A new tell-all from Floyd Mayweather's former executive assistant is proving one point we knew all along: the boxer's got a thing for the paper.

 So much so that it cost him millions in his search for billions.

"Right Hand to the Champ," out now, details Mayweather's rise to fame from a cocky young boxer to an undefeated champ with an insatiable hunger for money.
Boxer Floyd Mayweather

 In the book, Tasha Robinson-White dishes the details on working in the star's inner circle for 12 years as he became more and more obsessed with dollar signs.
Floyd Mayweather
In a sensational account of the sportsman’s personal life Tasha, 42, reveals how Mayweather became deeply consumed by the trappings of wealth; lost $15 million after being duped by a con man; surrounded himself with an entourage of paid strippers and hangers on; and gave cash and presents to strangers.

When he was not in the ring, he had an unusual daily routine.
When the fighter was not in training he would sleep from 6am until 3pm each day before spending two hours dressing and grooming himself.

He selected what designer outfit to wear from his vast walk-in wardrobe, which included a separate room for his furs and a room for his leathers.