50 Cent Blast New Tv Seires "Empire" For Being To Similar To His Own Show "Power"

50 Cent Blast New Tv Seires "Empire" For
 Being To Similer To His Own Show "Power"
BHR Hollywood Reports........Last night, everyone across the Internet was talking about the premiere of the new FOX series “Empire.

” But last week 50 Cent blasted the series for being too similar to his own “Power” show.

 Taraji. P. Henson.
Now, the rapper has found himself at odds with “Empire” star Taraji. P. Henson.

The drama all started last week when 50 wrote on his Instagram page “POWER season 2 is unbelievably good trust me.

I have the best writers and show runner. I like Terrence Howard and Taraji Henson. I don’t like that they would copy the marketing.”

50 Cent
Henson and "Empire" co-star Terrence Howard were also asked about 50 Cent’s comments in an interview with The Wrap on Wednesday.

“50 Cent is a comedian,” the actress said. “He loves to push buttons. He’s a funny guy. I never took offense to it.

“If anything, I thought he was trying to jab at him,” she said pointing to her co-star. “He’s jealous of his looks.”

Howard noted that he starred with 50 Cent in the rapper’s film “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.”

“50 is my monster man,” the actor said. “We served jail time together in his film, we were naked together. I love the fact that we’re both pushing the envelope with our shows.”