Rapper Foxy Brown Will Make A Appearance In The TV Series "Empire"

Rapper Foxy Brown Will Make A  Appearance In The TV Series "Empire"
BHR Hollywood Reports..........“Empire” is already a big hit on FOX after the premiere ended up pulling the biggest numbers for a show debuting on the network in years.

And now that people are thirsty to see how the storyline will unfold, for the show’s creator, Lee Daniels, it’s time to line up some big guest stars.
Foxy Brown

 We’ve already seen Naomi Campbell and Courtney Love in previews for the full season, but other big stars set to appear include Snoop Dogg, and according to the rapper’s Instagram page, Foxy Brown.

Sharing an alleged text message between herself and Daniels, Fox Boogie/Bizzle let followers know that they would be seeing her on TV sometime very soon:

The Empire
By the looks of a recent Instagram post, the Brooklyn-bred rapper has locked down a role on Fox's new hit musical drama "Empire."

"Empire," starring Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, centers on a former drug dealer turned music mogul who deals with the highs and lows of building and maintaining his entertainment company.

 The show scored huge numbers during its premiere last week (9.8 million viewers), making it Fox's highest-rated series debut in three years.

Foxy won't be the only rapper to make an appearance on the show. Snoop Dogg is also expected show face later in the season.

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