Deion Sanders Files Defamation Suit On His Ex Wife Pilar Sanders
Deion Sanders Files Defamation
Suit On His Ex Wife Pilar Sanders
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Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has filed a defamation suit against his ex-wife, Pilar Sanders.

The suit accuses Pilar Sanders of publishing false statements on social media that accuse him of multiple crimes, including child abuse, spousal abuse, assault and attempted murder.
Deion Sanders
 The suit also references defamatory statements it said she made on TV in a recent appearance on The O’Reilly Factor.

The suit, filed Nov. 24 in Collin County, seeks damages of $200,000 to $1 million as well as other relief to which he may be entitled.

“The property and rights involved are unique and irreplaceable, so that it will be impossible to accurately measure, in monetary terms, the damages caused by the defendant’s conduct,” the suit states, adding that the losses are likely to exceed Pilar Sanders’ financial worth.

Pilar Sanders’ attorney, Larry Friedman, was not immediately available for comment Tuesday.

The couple’s divorce became final in June 2013 after several contentious court hearings that included accusations from both sides.
Pilar Sanders
 As part of the divorce, Deion Sanders was awarded full custody of the couple’s three children.

 Pilar Sanders was awarded visitation every Thursday and the first, third and fifth weekends of each month.

In the suit, the former Dallas Cowboys player also accuses his ex-wife of contacting his sponsors, employers, friends and acquaintances either directly or indirectly and making similar false statements.

According to the suit, Pilar Sanders has ignored his requests to stop.

“Based on defendant’s prior conduct, Plaintiff believes that defendant’s campaign of defamation of defendant’s character and reputation will continue unabated absent this court’s intervention,” the suit states.

The suit calls Pilar Sanders’ conduct malicious, stating: “Defendant’s conduct was accompanied by ill will, spite, evil motive and a purpose to cause substantial injury or harm to plaintiff.”

A judge approved a temporary restraining order on Nov. 25 that prevents Pilar Sanders and any of her representatives from making any defamatory statements or publishing any video or audio recordings meant to damage Deion Sanders’ reputation and character.

 The suit also prohibits her from coercing her children to make defamatory statements about their father and then publishing audio recordings of those statements.

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