Trina sets the Records Straight about her Relationship with French Montana and how it ended

Trina sets the Records Straight about her Relationship with French Montana 
BHR HollyWood Reports.........Recently on the Breafast Club Trina sets the record straight on her "relationship" with French Montana. She revealed she was his ride or die chick up until she found out he was messing around with Khloe Kardashian. And and get this…Trina wouldn't even mention Khloe’s name, calling her “the other one.” Deets inside…

French Montana & Trina
When French Montana recently chalked up his relationship with Trina as "some fun thing with no title", we already knew Trina was going to pop back with the tea.

The Lovely Trina stopped by Power 105’s to dish on the love triangle she has been involved in with "Don't Panic" rapper French Montana and reality star Khloe Kardashian. Now…at one point we all thought Trina and French could have possibly been one of Hip Hop’s newest couples when they were spotted almost everywhere together. And then out of the blue, French was parading around with Khloe on his arm.

In the interview, Trina reveals she held French down while he was going through his divorce (from his wife Dean Kharbouch), despite them never being in an official relationship. She said she pretty much played the role as his girlfriend, but didn't want to jump into a serious relationship with him because he was still legally married.

She also said she was SHOCKED to learn he was with Khloe because he never told her about it. The “Baddest Bitch” confirmed she and French were actually living together (she still has the keys to his house!) when he started hooking up with Khloe and she didn't find out about it until it hit the Internet, just how the rest of us found out! Messy boots.  Case in point why you DO NOT "hold down" anybody who isn't holding you down with a title and equal actions you're performing.

Although she felt played, the “F*ck love” rapper said right now, she’s just living her life, she’s happy and is chalking it up as a lesson learned. She also said her track “F*ck Love” does NOT mean she’s anti-love, but it was more about telling whomever she’s dealing with to NOT try her.

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