SisQo Is Ready To Release His New Album "The Last Dragon" He's Back

BHR HollyWood Reports........After a very long time from the music scene,  Sisqó is back at it with his new single, "A-List," featuring Waka Flocka.
SisQo is Back New Album Available Dec 9 14

SisQo uses Auto-tune on this new club track that ends with a verse from Waka Flocka. Now, the R&B veteran is putting the finishing touches on his third album, the last in his dragon trilogy entitled, The Last Dragon, slated to arrive in December 9, 2014.

 The first single, "A-List," featuring rapper Waka 

SisQo recent interview
This album is a little more abstract from my first two albums. It took a long time to start working on my third solo album, but the timing is perfect.

 I took a break and was working and touring with Dru Hill, but now I am ready. The songwriting process was a little different because the music industry has changed.

Music is evolving and it’s more alive than ever. And so it was important for me to launch an album that blends well with today's music.

 You can’t expect everything to stay the same, everything must change and you have to grow with it. And on this album, you will be able to recognize my growth as an artist and as a man.

SisQo Hot Single Featuring Waka Flocka
I collaborated with some great producers and songwriters and the vibe and energy was great when I worked with these artists.
 This album pretty much sums up the entire dragon trilogy. I am actually working on releasing a video for my second single "Lips." On this record, it is strictly piano-playing, no beats.

 This single will show my growth as an artist on a whole different level. This is like my love letter to my fans. The Last Dragon represents my resurrection to mainstream R&B and how and why I rise again.
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