Nicki Minaj Destroys her ex Boyfriend Safareee Samuels Car With A Baseball Bat In A Argument

Nicki Minaj Destroys Car With A Baseball Bat In A
Argument With ex Boyfriend (Safareee Samuels)
BHR Hollywood Reports........It became clear that Nicki Minaj and Safareee Samuels were no longer an item last month when he was seen with new tattoos covering his odes to the rapper.

And now, the split came after a huge fight which ended in Minaj allegedly smashing a Mercedes-Benz with a baseball bat.

T in the summer the couple began rowing, and the Anaconda hit-maker allegedly ended up chasing him out of her home with bat in hand.

Minaj then proceeded to destroy the car, and also threw clothes belonging to Samuels in the trash.

Nicki Minaj& Safaree Samuels
Police were apparently called to the 31-year-old’s property, but no arrests were made as the car in question – while driven by Samuels – is said to have belonged to Minaj.

It is unclear when exactly the alleged incident, which according to reports led to the couple’s break-up, occurred.

Minaj and Samuels, who are said to have dated for 14 years, were last pictured together at the beginning of September.

On Monday, the rapper posted a quote to Instagram which read: ‘Those who know me never doubt me. & Those who doubt me never knew me.’ 

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