Ferguson Missouri FBI Arrests The New Black Panthers For Gun And Bomb Distribution

Ferguson Missouri FBI Arrests The New
Black Panthers For Gun And Bomb Distribution 
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The FBI announced this week the arrest of two members of The New Black Panther Party in Ferguson.

 The arrest comes in the backdrop of increased tensions as the community waits on the grand jury decision in the shooting death of unarmed black team Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

The individuals were identified as Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis.

Their ages and addresses were not made public.

The men, who have ties to the New Black Panther Party, were trying to obtain guns and explosives when police placed them under surveillance.

The pair were charged in a federal indictment with making false statements to obtain firearms for their “straw purchase” of two HiPoint .45 ACP pistols.

 The federal indictment claims that Baldwin claims he was the buyer when actually they were purchasing guns for another unidentified party.

 During the undercover sting operation, which has spanned several months, federal authorities discovered explosives and plans to make pipe bombs.

 The pair planned to detonate bombs during the ongoing protests in Ferguson.
Brandon Muhammed and Olajuwon Davis Ali  

Racial tensions have increased during the past few weeks as the KKK distributed flyers and went on national TV promising violence against peaceful protesters.

 KKK grand wizard, he believes that the protesters are in fact criminals and Michael Brown was a criminal whose killing was justified.

There have been warnings from the FBI to law enforcement throughout the nation, to be on heightened alert over possible civil unrest if Wilson is not indicted.

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