Amber Rose Comes Out Secretly Dating French Montana Younger Brother Zack

 Amber Rose Has Been Secretly
Dating French Montana Younger Brother Zack
BHR Hollywood Reports..........It’s been quite the emotional roller-coaster for Amber Rose ever since it was revealed back in September that she and her estranged husband, Wiz Khalifa, are divorcing.

 Although Rose has claimed that she’s deeply heartbroken over the split, rumors claim that she’s already found a new man to focus on.

Amber Rose & Zack at party
 Rumors have been floating around that Rose is in a rebound relationship with French Montana, who recently split from Khloe Kardashian.

French Montana (left) Zack (right)
However,  Amber is really dating French’s brother, Zack.

Rose is trying to keep her relationship with Zack a secret so as not to further hurt her relationship with Wiz.

Amber was seen in a group photo with Zack, as well as French, enjoying the Halloween festivities at Knott's Berry Farm in LA.

The new couple was there about a week ago.

It was added that Amber 'keeps her distance when they're in public' because she doesn't want anything to hurt her chances of getting custody of her child.

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