Safaree “SB” Samuels Has Confirmed That his Relationship with Nicki Minaj Is Over By Covering Up His Tattoos Of Nicki

 Nicki Minaj Ex Boyfriend Covers Up Tattoos Of Her 
BHR Hollywood Reports........For years, Nicki Minaj has tried to remain silent about her relationship with boyfriend, Safaree “SB” Samuels.

Safaree Before Tattoos Of Nicki 
Safaree Cover Up Tattoos
 But is seems like Samuels is talking loud and clear about their relationship with his new tattoos and it seems like he’s saying their relationship is over.

Samuels, who is known for getting multiple tattoos of Minaj, has decided to have two out of the three tattoos covered up with brand new ink.

If the ink suggests that Minaj and Samuels have broken up, neither one have came forth to confirm the rumors,but Minaj has hinted in the past that she was single.

At the time of comments revealed that the couple had a short argument, and that they were indeed still in a relationship.

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