Juvenile Re-sign with Cash Money Records

Juvenile Re-sign with Cash Money Records
BHR HollyWood Reports.......Cash Money Records has grown far past its Adobe Suite-deficient beginnings, staking its success on one old star from its provenance, Lil Wayne, and expanding with artists raised on that sound like Drake.

A key member of that clique, however, has re-signed with the label and hopes to resurrect the initial success he found on Cash Money with albums like 400 Degreez and singles like “Back That Azz Up.”
Juvenile Goes Back Home

Juvenile announced to MTV’s Rob Markman that he had re-signed with the label, answering Markman’s question about whether or not he’d rejoin with, “I mean, it’s already done, man. I signed the paperwork a couple of days ago,” adding a reassuring laugh. “I’m signed back, man… and I’m ready to get my little tattoo and everything, I’m back.”

Cash Money Records
Since he left the label, Juve told MTV in 2006 that not only did he feel alive with his then deal with Atlantic but felt Wayne’s “I Miss My Dawgs” cut from Tha Carter II, an ode to Juve and The Hot Boys, fake. However, the New Orleans emcee then said in 2012 he was open to working with Cash Money again as rumors flew about his re-joining the label.

Despite his on-again-off-again relationship with Cash Money, Juvenile seems to fit the roster naturally. Gone might be the majority of the label’s original members, but new-age Cash Money members like Drake obviously grew up with Juve as an influence.


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