The Judge Gives Chris Brown a Break And Compliments His Good Behavior

Chris Brown Was Seen In Court And Was Advised That He Violated His Probation 
BHR Hollywood Reports........Chris appeared in court Thursday for a progress report in the Rihanna beating case.

Judge James Brandlin told Brown he's shown good cooperation with the probation department.

 Chris Brown
Brandlin bumped Brown's community labor requirement from three days to four, but said that was only to ensure that he met his work requirement by the end of his probation in January.

Another hearing is scheduled for Jan. 15.

Chris Brown in court
A somber-looking Chris joined his lawyer Mark Geragos as he faced the judge, who also mentioned that he violated his probation by getting a speeding ticket.

With his new schedule (community service typically lasts eight hours a day), he won’t have much time to rehearse for his upcoming tour with Trey Songz.

The R&B superstars are scheduled to hit the road with Tyga in the months ahead.

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