RHOA Star Apollo Nida Has Decided To Turn Himself In To Serve His Prison Sentence

RHOA Star Apollo Nida Has Decided To Turn Himself In To Serve His Prison Sentence 
BHR Hollywood Reports.......Yesterday,  Apollo Nida was supposed to turn himself in to begin his 8-year  sentence for identity theft and fraud.

 But reports revealed that Nida had a change of mind on the way to the prison and he instead went back home to argue with his wife, Phaedra Parks, about finances and family.

Now, a day after skipping out on his check-in time, Nida has finally revealed that he’s turned himself in.

Nida revealed the big news to his fans earlier when he tweeted that he was about to turn himself in.

Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida
 Nida was originally supposed to turn himself in on Sept. 10 at noon, but as we previously reported, Nida took an unplanned detour and returned to his home with Parks, where he confronted her about refusing to put money into his prison account and for refusing to bring their sons to the prison to see him.

Not that this is the first time the two have publicly argued. Parks, who has been married to Nida for five years and has two sons with him, has also apparently been battling with him for the past two months over money.

There Family
"He would show up at her office screaming at her and demand money," the source says. "Over the last two months, he's dropped thousands of dollars at strip clubs, drinking, and partying – and spending virtually no time with his children."

Nida has always had financial issues with his wife. "Apollo has always had a hard time dealing with Phaedra's success [as an attorney]. She's always been the breadwinner," the insider says. "Their marriage is very strained. But right now, Phaedra just wants to do right by her two boys."

So far it's unclear whether there's a warrant out for Nida's arrest for skipping the prison deadline, but this is also not the first time he's served time behind Bars....he also served time for auto title fraud from 2004-2009.

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