Ray-j Claims That Ex-Girlfriend Teairra Mari Was Abusive To Him In Their Former Relationship

Ray-j Says That Teairra Mari Was Abusive To Him In Their Relationship
BHR Hollywood Reports.......If you tuned into the first episode of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood,” then you’re already more than familiar with the little Detroit whirlwind known as Teairra Mari.

The show featured an entirely different side to the singer in just one episode, as she attempted to reconcile with her ex-boo Ray J who she says has been an on-and-off-again relationship for the last ten years.

Ray-j And Teirra Mari
Although Teairra Mari seemed to be cool, calm and collected She Has all of  her anger directed at her ex-boyfriend, Ray J, and his new girlfriend Princess.

And although it was Princess who Mari tried to fight, Ray J recently claimed that Mari was abusive to him in their former relationship.

Ray J dished about their old romance in an interview with Hot 97, saying that he and Teairra Mari often got in verbal altercations, and that she got physical with him.

Ray-J And Princess
“She’s from the D so she’s always had a voice and she always, when she got mad she really kinda expressed herself … lot of physical altercations … I just, I don’t put my hands on women you know you keep being punched a lot of times and … I mean y’all gotta watch the show … she throwing a lot of blows throughout the season,” said Ray J.

Indeed, previews of the season show Mari attacking Ray J during one of their angry run-ins, and during Monday night’s episode, Mari admitted that she punched Ray after she found photos of Princess on his phone right before their breakup.

During the episode, Ray explained to Mari that he left her because he felt their relationship was toxic, and during his Hot 97 interview he explained that the abuse was one of the major reasons that he left.

“I don’t wanna be put in a position, where I gotta try to and get away or defend myself, you know what I’m saying,” Ray J said.

Clearly a lot of formerly hidden skeletons are being brought to the light on the show and, unfortunately, it’s not shining a flattering light on many of the cast mates right now, especially Teairra Mari.

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